May 14, 2023Liked by Rev. Angela Denker

Thanks for a very thoughtful Mother’s Day post, Angela, and for the scriptures and prayer you shared. Yet as I read, I couldn’t help but think about how complicated the day has become now that the nation is embroiled in a huge fight over motherhood, thanks to the Dobbs decision and the abhorrent laws being passed by many state legislatures, including my own -- the debate poses a challenge to our very understanding of motherhood when so many of our fellow citizens seem dead set on removing decisions about it from women themselves. The public, according to national polls, overwhelmingly rejects such laws, but red states continue to compete to see who can be more draconian in the limits they set on pregnancy and motherhood. Sorry for the downer reality check, but as an elder woman who always thought reproductive rights would be guaranteed my daughter and granddaughters, I am in despair over this issue.

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Absolutely. Thank you for raising this very important truth. I feel likewise.

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