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Amen. Amen. Funeral Pyres! Prophetic fire in the bones (including yours); fire of prophetic anger, love, lament, and anguish. Unresolved. Hope deferred and delayed sometimes almost disappearing, but still held on to (thank you, Mary Hovland). Thank you, Angela, for still being willing to feel, to listen, to write and speak, even out of the pain that grows seemingly without relief. Oh, the children! Another anniversary passes (Buffalo); soon, Uvalde. Now too many to count. We now need a National Day- of remembrance, lament, communal reflection- and action! A kind of "all saints" day for victims of gun violence. There are so many good groups at work, especially on gun control. Could they all get together somehow? And also mental health advocates, social scientists, churches, broader cultural analysts of violence, political and community activists? A Manhatten Project against violence in school, in malls and places of worship; in poverty riddled and exploited inner cities; against violence toward women and trans, etc., and all who are most vulnerable? And a "Great Call Out" on "Christian Nationalism", racism, facism, ect. Nazi tatoos! RWDS- Right Wing Death Squads! What country is this? Sorry, that's a mouthful. Kryie eleison, kyrie eleison.....

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There are no human words. My words fail me also. The only words which bring any comfort to me are God’s Words. And I remember words from St Peter to me. Use every opportunity you have to express the hope within you. Maybe that word for now has to be an act of kindness, a helping hand, or a smile. In helping others, I find hope. In seeing others offer kindness, I see hope. Hope that does not disappoint us.

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