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Also love Bruce Springsteen! I remember he made the cover of Time and Newsweek the same week in October 1975. Being the contrarian I was at that time (I made a point of lighting up a cigarette on National Smoke Out Day even though I was not a regular smoker) I avoided buying Springsteen’s albums. Fast forward: Attended Carleton College, Northfield, MN, 1975 through the fall semester of 1976. Spring of 1977 I moved to Minneapolis, enrolled in the U of MN, and initially lived with two other Carleton transfers in a brownstone in South Minneapolis about a block away from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. One of the roommates worked at the Children’s Theater in the MIOA. Actually, not really a roommate as I was crashing on the living room floor - at night I laid the couch cushions on the floor and slept in a sleeping bag. Supposed to be a temporary living arrangement but after a month they kindly encouraged me to find a place of my own. Anyhow, getting back to Springsteen… Born to Run was on regular rotation on the turntable (vinyl LP of course) during my “visit.” Love, love that album. Whenever I hear songs from Born to Run I can’t help but think of those bohemian days.

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Love this story. I'm pretty sure my dad once had a similar living arrangement. Those were the days. Glad I could help you bring back these memories!

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