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Valentine's Day + Ash Wednesday

The coexistence of Love and Truth

Happy Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday (is it weird to say “happy” Ash Wednesday)?

I wanted to share a quick video message about the fact that these two holidays, one churchy + dark and one Hallmark-y + consumerist, fall on the same day this year. If you don’t normally recognize Ash Wednesday, this video will share a bit about why I find it so powerful. And if Ash Wednesday and its focus on death gives you the creeps, this video will also share with you why love is indeed a part of this first day of Lent (the season preceding Easter in the Church).

I’ll be sharing videos each of the next Wednesdays of Lent with our paid subscriber community. As always - if you’d like access to the videos but can’t afford a subscription right now, just let me know.

My prayers are with you all this day, for Love and for Truth,